Feature of  5 gallon PC bottle machine(one step ISBM) 

  • Gongzheng company’s 5-gallon PC bottle professional equipment adopts the most advanced design in the world: one-step four station injection and drawing blowing design.

  • The turnable has unique design, servo control, high precision and compact space. 

  • Environmental and energy-saving, and the rated power of the action part is 45kw. Low operating cost.

  • The mold locking mechanism of the blowing mold adopts the international popular design, double cylinder structure, closing stroke pressurization, mature desige of the mold locking structure,fast opening and closing of the mold, and exact synchronous mold locking. Especially can be fixed the mould of imported equipment.

  • Use the high-strength guide post design,provides up and down guide of injection core, which is stable in all directions, shortens the time of bottle eject and no shaking.

  • The heating furnace has controllable lifting function and independent adjustment function, can control of heating and precise adjustment.