Molds for blow molding machine & injection molding machine

  • Suitable for worldwide famous brand ISBM machine

Hot runner injection mold

  • Mold with a single cavity temperture controller

    Mold injection,injection cavity,mouth is made of S136 strong strength stainless steel,after treatment,the hardness can be over HRC42.The mold frame is made of Janpanese imperial steel,with surface nitriding treatment,the surface hardness can be up to HRC60.

  • Mold temperture is using PID uninterruptible power control,easy to adjust the main channel and the meridian of each cavity temperture,to ensure that the hot runner temperture is reasonable.

  • Mold cavity,core,mouth are with double cone positioning,and the eccentricity of the embryo can be adjusted.

  • Mold production is standardized,each part can be changed each other.

  • The surface of mold cavity,core,tooth is under polished to make sure the preform without spots,no gap and no wire,surface is smooth and transparency is high.

  • The eccentricity of the preform is controlled within 0.13mm and the weight tolerance is within +-1%.

  • Mold life:more than 5,000,000 die times.

  • Valve needle mold of the heating coil is made in Italy,the valve needle is made of KD-61 Japan,Mouth beryllium cooper is imported from USA.

Our Patent mold for IV bottle