2 sides working together for producing same or different specification of bottles.


Large one step of injection stretch blow molding machine

  •   Pharmaceutical packaging
  •    Food Packaging
  •    Lighting
  •    Cosmetic packaging
  •    Baby feeding bottle

Superior performance

  • Large machine which can be equipped with 32 cavity infusion bottle lifting ring integrated mold.

  • With 4 motors to drive six oil pumps. The injection molding and action are controlled separately. Production cycle time more faster (take 100ml for example, cycle time is:10.5s).

  • Larger capacity(take 100ml for example, 9000-10000 bottles / hour) 

  • Lower energy consumption(take 100ml bottle for example,the energy consumption is less than US$0.0014/pcs, including air pressure energy consumption), which occupies less space than the same level of other brands.

  • Pioneering technology, double mold linkage. It can produce two kinds of products at the same time, with wider applicability.

  • High efficiency and energy saving is an excellent choice to replace the two-step equipment with large production and high quality products.

  • It has 9 utility model patents and 3 invention patents.