one step of ISBM machine to produce infusion bottle

Bottle combine with ring mold(Our patent)

 Main Technology

  • Capacity

We have been developed and improved our one step of ISBM machine to make the capacity up to 9000~10000BPH.With the same unit area,our capacity is larger than two step machine!

  • Save costs

  • One step machine get use of the residual temperature of the preform to blow the bottle directly,no need to storige and reheat the preform to blow the bottle.

  • One step machine no need the additional equipments such as:Injection machine and mold,Blow machine,Preform feeder,Conveyor belt,Welding ring machine and mold.It can save area,labor cost,water & power,etc.

  • Normally in the market,inner diameter of the bottle mouth is 18mm,but we can make it smallest of 16mm,in that case the cover can be also make it smaller,totally can save costs of the bottle.

  • Bottle lifting ring integration(our patent),no need the welding process,greatly improve the yield!

  • Quality

  • One step has the function of preform,total blow 2 times,easlier to make bottle forming.

  • Bottle lifting ring integration(our patent),no welding reject.

  • Low bottle shrinkage rate and less deformation after sterilization(with preform function).

  • Core Technologies-Bottle lifting ring integration(patent)

  • Without addition Injection machine and mold,without welding process,it can be greatly improved the yield and reduced the pollution.

  • It can be make your workshop more tidy and clean!

Chinese government have been issued documents to limit the two steps of infusion bottle blowing machine and punished to be added by the pharmaceutical company!

The international trend is the same,so what are you waiting for?